What Is NitroPay?

Once you’ve built up a website with decent traffic, you may want to start monetizing it and making some income from your website. A common method is utilizing display ads on your site and earning money based on the views or clicks you get.

There are many options for ad networks out their – namely Google Adsense for small publishers, but we’ve partnered with NitroPay, a premium ad network, to provide earnings that can beat Adsense by 2-4x without the usual traffic requirements for such ad networks.

NitroPay (see their site for more information) offers display ads you can use to earn money from your site. They pay via CPM, which means you get paid per 1000 ad impressions you serve to your visitors. Access to NitroPay is offered to all customers who have a subscription with us. Here’s how to sign up.