Clearing Your DNS Cache (Browsers)

Table of Contents

Chrome #

  • Open up a new tab
  • Visit “chrome://net-internals/” in the address bar
  • Click on DNS and clear the hosts cache
  • Click on Sockets and flush sockets

Firefox #

  • Open up a new tab
  • Enter “about:networking#dns” into the address bar and hit enter
  • Click on “Clear DNS Cache”

Safari #

  • Open Safari
  • Enable the Develop menu by click on “Preferences” -> Advanced
  • Check the “Show Develop menu” option and click save
  • In the Develop menu, click “Empty Caches”

Edge #

  • Edge follows a very similar procedure to Chrome
  • Open up a new tab
  • Enter “edge://net-internals/” in the address bar
  • Flush the DNS hosts cache and flush all sockets