How To Setup Cloudflare As A CDN

Cloudflare is a popular web service that provides content delivery, DNS, and DDoS protection services free to users.

This service can speed up and secure your website by caching globally at 170+ locations around the world.

Please note, we only recommend Cloudflare for Shared hosting plans. Our high performance plans already use our premium CDN automatically and Cloudflare will slow your site down and break some functionality.

  • To start, create a free account on and enter the root domain you want to add.
  • Select the free plan
  • Next, go to the website of your registrar and update the nameservers to the nameservers Cloudflare provides
  • Wait 24-48 hours for the NS to propagate
  • Your website has been successfully linked to Cloudflare!
  • To manage your site’s security features, speed features, and DNS, use the Cloudflare dashboard.
  • Cloudflare also offers a WordPress plugin to integrate with your WordPress website

If there are any issues setting up, feel free to contact us via ticket or live chat and our representatives will do their best to help. Keep in mind, domains and Cloudflare are third party services, so certain things may be out of our scope.

Note: If you add your site to Cloudflare, you will need to add all future DNS records for subdomains and other things manually, as cPanel will no longer have access to manage your DNS.