Email Rejected By Gateway

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Occasionally, you may receive an email from our email gateway along the lines of:

This is a email delivery failure notification.


Outbound Gateway:

Unfortunately, an email you sent could not be delivery to the one or more recipients.
The message has been attached below for reference.

If you believe this message should have been delivered properly, please contact CynderHost at or visit for more information

If you do, please include this problem report also with the headers below.

There are many reasons for a rejected email or email delivery failure. Common reasons are listed below:

  1. Email address does not exist / Receiver gateway down
    • If the address in the “To” field does not exist, the receiving gateway may reject the email. This will return a failure message
    • If the receiving address’s email gateway does not exist (no MX records) or it’s not accepting emails, a failure will be returned
  2. Rejected for Spam
    • We employ multiple layers of filtering to ensure only valid emails are sent. If your email is flagged as spam, it will be rejected.
    • If an email is flagged as spam by the receiver, it may be rejected sometimes too.
    • If this happens and you feel it’s a false positive, forward the email to and let us know.

What do I do now? #

If the email was rejected because the address doesn’t exist, check to make sure you have the right email. Sometimes, the receiving domain’s email server may be down, in which case you could try again later.

If your email is flagged as spam, forward it to us and we’re happy to take a look and see why it’s happening.