Site/Service Has Been Suspended or Terminated

If you visit your website and notice it has been suspended or is no longer active, or you receive an email notifying you that your site has been suspended or terminated, there are multiple reasons.

Non-Payment #

If you don’t pay your monthly invoice for your subscription, we will suspend your website after it has been due for a period of time. After 20 days, we will then terminate the site and delete all the content, should it be unpaid still.

Before then, you can simply pay the invoice and your service will be activated. If your site gets deleted, please contact us as we may be able to help restore it.

ToS Violation #

We take actions when our ToS and use policy are violated depending on the severity. We may warn you and ask you to remove offending content, for example, for DMCA violations.

If you have repeated infractions, or ignore our requests, we may suspend your account until your content has been fixed. If you do not fix your site after a period of time, we may terminate and delete it.

For more serious infractions, such as phishing, malware, or child pornography sites, we will suspend and terminate your site immediately. We may or may not notify you of this, and we are not responsible for data loss related to improper use, as per our TOS.

Free Trial #

If you hold a free trial with us, we will terminate your account (not suspend) and delete everything after the trial period has ended. We strongly recommend you upgrade your plan, or move your files elsewhere before then as your content will be removed immediately and without warning.

We may or may not be able to recover deleted files, so please contact our support if this happens. We can’t be held liable for loss of data as a result of free trial termination.