Connecting to and Using FTP

Table of Contents

FTP or the File Transfer Protocol allows you to upload and transfer files from your local PC to our remote server.

To use FTP you will need to locate a remote client. A popular option is Filezilla for Windows.

Login #

Once you have downloaded and installed a FTP client you will need to locate what login credentials you want to use.

You can use either an FTP account you have created in the panel OR your panel login credentials.

User Account #


Enter the username and password you want for the account:

Next, set a Quota if you want for the account as well as the Directory you want to limit the user to. The user will not be able to access files outside this directory.

If you want the user to be able to access all files, make sure to leave this empty. If you want the user to only access public_html, enter public_html.

Finally, create the account.

Plesk / CynderHost High Performance

To create an FTP account, click the “FTP Info” link in the left sidebar:

From there, click “Manage Users” – don’t forget to make note of the IP Address and Port as you will need this later.

From here, FTP accounts can be created or modified:

Set the accounts username, path and password:

The user will only be allowed to access files inside their home directory. If you set it to /, they can access all files.

You can also click the folder icon to choose a folder:

Note: We don’t actually use LS or LSCache – that is there from testing 🙂

Connecting #

Finally – you can now get started connecting to our servers. First off, boot up your FTP client.

Once you have it open, create a new connection, and enter:

Hostname / Server / Host: The hostname (ie, of the shared server if on cPanel, or the IP Address in Plesk/HP

(Make sure you don’t specify the protocol [https, http, etc] )

Port: 21

Username: Either your system/panel username or the username of the account you created

Password: Either your system/panel password or the password of the account you created

Hit connect, and it should let you in!