Can’t Verify My Email Address

Verification Email Not Received #

If you just requested a verification email for your client area, please wait up to 10 minutes for the email to arrive. Please also check your spam and make sure your mail servers are not blocking emails from our domain or Sendgrid.

Please also verify that you entered the correct email address when registering.

You can try re-requesting the email again from the client area. If the email still does not arrive, please contact us.

If you entered the wrong email, you can edit it by logging into the client area and clicking “Edit account details.”

Link Doesn’t Work #

If the email verification link you receive doesn’t work, please try re-requesting the link first. Links will expire after 24 hours.

Keep in mind, you need to be logged in to your CynderHost billing account for email verification to work. If you click the verification link without being logged in, you’ll be directed to a sign-in page. Once you log in from there, you’ll need to click the link again to verify your email.

If it still doesn’t work, please contact us with a detailed description of what errors (if any) you see and what is happening (redirect? error? timeout?).