Connecting a Cloudflare-Registered Domain

If your domain is registered with Cloudflare registrar, it may not be possible to update your nameservers.

In order to connect your domain to our hosting, you will need to manually update your DNS records.

The root (@) domain and www should point to your shared IP address ( for High Performance plans).

Any subdomains will need to be pointed to the same IP address above.

If you need to send or receive emails through us, you’ll also need to update your SPF (TXT), DKIM (TXT) and MX records.

You can find the relevant records in cPanel / Plesk. Locate the area to edit your records:

How to Edit DNS Records in cPanel?

How to Edit DNS Records in Plesk?

Then, simply copy over the relevant records into Cloudflare, deleting any old records as necessary.