Blacklisting Emails Addresses or Domains from Spam Filter

To blacklist a specific email or domain from the spam filter and make those emails marked as spam, do the following:

Mark Email as Spam #

Locate the “Spam Filter/Spamassassin” link in the panel:

Then blacklist the email or domain in question with the following steps:


Click on the Advanced Configuration link:

Edit the Blacklist:

Add a new directive and enter the email in question. Enter the full email ( or a wildcard (*

Click “Update Blacklist”


Enter the email or domain in question in the “Blocked E-mail” section – enter the full email ( or a wildcard (*

Reject the Email #

To reject an email address or domain outright, find the “Filters” section in the panel.

Click “Manage Filters” if applicable, and create a new filter:

Select the criteria for blocking an email. To block a specific domain or address, choose the “Domain” or “Email” field and enter the domain or email and click Update/Create.

Use the “Contains” matching to block a domain.

You can also choose the action you want to take: